Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 - Ashika Island - Port Ashika Canal Wall

I had the pleasure to work on the Season Two update that introduced Ashika Island. I was in charge of Port Ashika with assistance from Jerron Chuck, Wendell Nesbit, Alek Johnson, and terrain support from Alex Martin. Big thanks to Alex Stockwell and Kyle Smotherman for guidance and direction. My responsibilities included working with design early on to establish layout and architecture. After our block-out, I was designated with arting those spaces to completion. The interior of the canal was all Alex Stockwell's team and Wendell Nesbit. Set dressing on the canal walls is a large part due to Alek Johnson's great work. There were many talented artists on these areas including but not limited to:

Wendell Nesbit:
Jerron Chuck:
Alek Johnson: